Trusted Connections 2024

The workplace collaboration index for enterprise organisations

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The second annual Kinly Trusted Connections report for 2024. Featuring insight from 425 enterprise-level AV professionals across the UK, Germany, Netherlands and the Nordics, Trusted Connections explores the communication, technology and economic landscape across verticals where AV solutions play a critical role.

From balancing small budgets with significantly larger expectations and the importance of AV experience, through to the projected impact of disruptive technologies and the importance of sustainability, Trusted Connections covers it all and more.

65 per cent of enterprises are encouraging staff to install IoT tech into their homes.

41 per cent of AV professionals say that technology installed during the Covid-19 pandemic will need to be ripped out and replaced in 2024.

38 per cent of enterprises now collect some form of office occupancy data to log how, and when, employees are working.

70 per cent of enterprises say that AV investments will be essential to their ESG strategy in 2024.

Nearly half of global enterprises are collecting data on employees’ home working hours and time spent online, and that figure is on the rise all the time. But is this Big Brother? Far from it, the research suggests. Instead, at-home analytics are helping to protect employee health and enhance wellbeing.

While a distant memory for some, research shows that the AV industry is still feeling the impact of the global pandemic much more than others. The sudden necessity to work remotely resulted in misplaced investments, overcomplicated technology stacks and ill-thought-out workflows. Although the pandemic may feel like it’s been and gone, these makeshift workflows remain in place obstructing productivity at great expense.

While there are plenty of organisations championing fully remote working, most enterprises are encouraging a return to physical offices on a hybrid basis. However, in contrast, well over half of those surveyed don’t feel they have the right technology in place to support success, resulting in a disengaged and uninspired workforce who would rather remain at home.

With the advent of hybrid working, having the right AV technology is essential to meeting ESG targets. In fact, 36 per cent of enterprises that have undergone a workplace transformation project have seen an improvement in sustainability within just 12-months. However, many are struggling to find suppliers who can deliver high performance solutions balanced with a responsible approach to business and sustainability.

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